Sunday 1 June 2014

Buck Henry

Here's the guy who wrote The Graduate (1967), Get Smart (the original TV series), and Town & Country (2001), among others, chatting about his life. Buck Henry.

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Unknown said...

Well, Henry, I can't watch a one hour and 46 minute interview even for you. I managed 15 minutes.

Buck Henry is careful to tell his story truthfully. He had a privileged upbringing, his father a wealthy businessman on Park Avenue, also a World War II army officer. His mother was a beautiful blonde silent movie actress who featured on magazine covers. One grandfather owned a shop over Sunset Boulevard, which he cruised as a teen. The family bought 5 newspapers a day and had an extensive library. On Buck's 4th birthday he was taken to a broadway show and the cast came down from the stage and sang to him. Amazing.