Thursday 22 May 2014

Joy Batchelor

An introduction to the life and work of Joy Batchelor on the hundredth anniversary of her birth.

Joy Batchelor (1914-1991) was a director, animator, producer and designer, and one half of the Halas & Batchelor Cartoons Studio, which made the UK's first animated feature film, Animal Farm, in 1954.

Although a crucial figure in British animation, she has for years been unfairly passed over for recognition. This short film made in her honour seeks to redress that balance and to introduce Joy's work to a wider audience.

Probably the most important film Halas and Batchelor ever produced was Animal Farm (1954). It was England's first commercially produced animated color feature (and was allegedly funded by a C.I.A. covert operation). Here is the trailer for that film.

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Unknown said...

It must have caused a stir back then that Joy did not take her husband's last name.