Monday 21 April 2014

Havana Mambo - “Malaniña”

Havana Mambo are a salsa/Afro-Cuban band based in Italy, formed in Havana, Cuba, in 1994 by ten Cuban musicians who had been members of the New Pérez Prado Orchestra—a so-called "ghost orchestra" that was modeled after the bands of the seminal Pérez Prado, who was among the most influential Cuban artists of the '40s, '50s, and '60s.
     Cuba was the birthplace of the many rhythms that comprise what is now known as salsa music—son, cha cha, mambo, guaguancó, and danzon, among other things. Havana Mambo realized that there was also an audience for salsa in Europe and embarked on an extensive European tour in 1996. They found audiences to be especially receptive in northern Italy and spent several months at a club called Sabor Latino.
    In 1997, Havana Mambo was asked to perform at Umbria Jazz, Italy's most famous jazz festival. The bandmembers decided to remain in Italy permanently and settled in Milan. Although the name Havana Mambo implies that they are mambo-oriented, the musicians don't play mambo exclusively and are quite capable of embracing a variety of Afro-Cuban styles.
    In 2003, Putumayo World Music included one of their songs on the compilation Salsa Around the World, which was meant to demonstrate that not all salsa or salsa-influenced bands are based in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Miami, or New York City. Here’s their song: Malaniña.

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Very catchy tune, Henry, but no moving pictures and no English so no story for me to follow. You love your music, don't you!