Tuesday 24 December 2013

"Twas The Night Before Christmas" - (in the style of Led Zeppelin)

Robert Berry formed The December People in order to play great music together and bring a contemporary sound to holiday music. As an experiment, they posed a musical question for all of us. If great groups such as The Who, Boston, U2, ZZ Top, Peter Gabriel, ELP, Led Zeppelin, Sting, Pink Floyd and Santana all recorded familiar Christmas songs, what would they sound like? The answer is pretty simple. They would sound like Christmas... with the unmistakable stamp of each of these timeless artists.The December People pay tribute to a time of year that has a special magic for everyone throughout our lives. It is a magic that is passed on from generation to generation. Music and magic are two items, if handed down properly, can have an infinite life and unlimited power.

Short movie: Momentos (a Portuguese short film for the world).

Numa noite normal com o passado largado da memória, um homem reencontra, no lugar a que chama casa, lembranças de um tempo que viveu. Fragmentos de pura felicidade e instantes de sublime partilha, surgem como apontamentos de esperança de um presente que não voltará a ser o mesmo.

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Unknown said...

Very beautiful movie.