Thursday 5 December 2013

Flickerfest 2014

Renowned as Sydney's first beachside cinema, the Flickerfest short film festival kicks off the summer cinema season outdoors, under the stars, at Bondi Beach

Flickerfest is one of three Academy Award®-accredited short film competitions in Australia, alongside the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Sydney Film Festival.

Bondi Beach, where Heath Ledger lost the money in Two Hands.

Just a quick swim. What could possibly go wrong?
The Festival takes place from January 10-19, 2014.

Bondi Pavilion

After the Sydney festival, Flickerfest tours to 50 venues around Australia. Special showcases celebrate the latest in cutting edge shorts from around the world.

I got my Heads-up via Twitter.

And here's the trailer, with a star cameo from Dan Ackroyd. Thank you, Katharine.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

That's a film about a film, created to advertise a film fest. Makes sense to me.

They're brave having it outdoors.