Monday 28 October 2013

Lou Reed: 1942-2013

Lou Reed has died from complications from a liver transplant he received in May 2013.

He was born in Brooklyn in 1942. He met John Cale at a record store in New York in 1964. They formed a band which, after a few iterations, became Velvet Underground. He left the band in 1970 and commenced a solo career that made him world famous.

The two albums he released that had a big impact on me at the time were Transformer and Berlin. It was a delight many years later to have Perfect Day appear on the soundtrack of the movie Trainspotting (1996). His music has IMDb credits on over 150 movie soundtracks.

Blue in the Face (1995)
Here are a couple of tracks to remember him by.

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Unknown said...

I've always loved that bit when the chorus comes in on 'Take a Walk on the Wild Side'. Thanks, Henry.