Friday 20 September 2013

How to Get Your Script Read

Back in March, ScreenCraft presented its panel discussion, “Trailbrazers in Independent Film: Screenwriting and Producing Outside the Studio System,” featuring Cassian Elwes (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, former head of William Morris Independent for 15 years), screenwriter Adam Simon (The American Nightmare), Matt Miller, producer Sean Covel (Napolean Dynamite) and Chris "Doc" Wyatt. Inevitably, an audience member asked the age-old question about how to get a referral in the industry, i.e. How do I get my screenplay read?

Check out the video for their responses:

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Unknown said...

I believe that too, that a good script will somehow get made. Network, network, network. Write it, get it out there, and have another one written as well.