Wednesday 18 September 2013

Free screenwriting software - updated

We talked about free screenwriting software back in February 2013, and mentioned products such as CELTX, Rough Draft, Free Film Project, Page 2 Stage, Plotbot, and Trelby. Now there's another one, called WriterDuet.

It was created by Guy Goldstein, a software engineer based in Austin, Texas, who wants to be a screenwriter. He also wants to collaborate online, in real time, with other screenwriters. No existing screenwriting software would allow him to do all the things he wanted to do. So he wrote his own.

And gave it away for free. Here.

I've played with it and, apart from having to look in different places for familiar controls, it seems to work just fine. The other plus is that the guy writing the program is accessible and responsive. Contact him:

WriterDuet. Give it a try.

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Unknown said...

This is what the best blogs do. Inteviews, lessons, insights, and even basic things like this: tools of the trade. Thanks, Henry.