Wednesday 3 April 2013

A compliment from ScreenCraft

I started collecting writing quotes about twenty years ago. Apart from producing this blog, I sometimes transmit quotes via Twitter, just for the fun of it. The problem is that most of my collection are longer than 140 characters, so they miss out. Quel dommage.

Anyway, one of the first things I encountered this morning was this tweet:

And so it proved to be.
[ ]

What can I say? Gobsmacked.

And grateful for the love.

And just a little embarrassed to see the far more deserving @UnkScreenwriter, @jeannevb, @StarterScript and @Bang2write relegated on the list.

Meanwhile, ScreenCraft are hosting the latest installment of their Annual Horror Screenplay Contest. (Yes, I know it's the first, but it reads better that way.) Here's the video promo.

Points of interest:
   - $20 is a cheap entry fee.
   - You've got until June 1.
   - There are some serious people behind this competition.
If you're into writing horror, give it a go.

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