Monday 18 March 2013

How to build a following, for independent filmmakers

Ted Hope, the the producer of independent films such as American Splendor, 21 Grams and The Savages, advised actor/writer/director/independent filmmaker Edward Burns (director of Nice Guy Johnny, Newlyweds, and The Fitzgerald Family Christmas) that he should use Twitter to bolster his fan base and connect with his film's fans on a deeper level.

Burns took that advice and now he is utilizing social media, not only to get in touch with his fan base about all sorts of topics related to filmmaking, but also to get his films out to his audience without spending money on advertising. His next project, Winter Spring Summer Fall, is in production with a Kickstarter campaign planned to help finance the film.

In the following video, Burns discusses the value of using Twitter to connect with fans, and the making and distributing films for little money outside of the studio system.

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