Saturday 23 March 2013

Helping people get to see your short film online

This week Ryan Koo has a post on his blog, No Film School, called How to Get People to See Your Short Film Online with Vimeo Curator & SotW Co-Founder Jason Sondhi. The post contains a link to a video interview with Jason Sondhi, and some comments by both Sondhi and Koo.

That's what caught my attention. The comments. They list ways you can make your video more accessible online. Here is a conflation of their suggestions—Ten practical ways to help us help you:

Upload a trailer.
Set a clear release date.
Don’t set that date over the weekend.
Actually think about it as a launch; get everyone you can behind it in those initial stages.
Reach out to sites/individuals with an established audience.
Make sure the film’s description and thumbnail are enticing.
Have a website.
Update your contact info.
Provide stills.
Write production notes and director’s statements.
There are hundreds of short films and web series embedded on Adelaide Screenwriter. I strive to include all the contact information I can with those films: Facebook, Twitter, IMDb, LinkedIn, Website, Blog, Vimio/YouTube, Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Pozible, etc.

I want to help. Don't make it difficult. Sometimes I'll include a film with no other information, but usually I just skip it.

As Ryan Koo says:
Make yourself easy to find and painless to cover. You may have made the world’s greatest short, but if people can’t get hold of you or find everything they need to write up an article, your film will become nothing more than a pleasantly fading memory.

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Unknown said...

This builds on the previous post. It should not be eye-opening, but it is. Goes to show how much web-networking is still in its infancy.