Wednesday 27 February 2013

The greatest good

I just noticed the other day that the blog The Reel Bits had closed down. Richard Gray had this to say about his decision:
The strain of running a website takes its toll eventually, and negotiating the landscape of studios, PR and the social media landscape is just too much for one needlessly hairy man. Basically, it’s just not fun any more.
Thank you for two good years, Richard. We're sad to see you go.

But speaking as another needlessly hairy man, the line—Basically, it's just not fun any more—made me think. Why do we do what we do? In an age when the range of opportunities available is mind-boggling, why have we stuck ourselves with whatever choice it was that we last made? And is it time to choose something else?

Then I came across this video, which asks the same question, but in a different way.

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Unknown said...

You may think a lot of readers don't realise how much time and effort goes into each blog post. We do, Henry, we do! We appreciate each one.