Thursday 21 February 2013

Digital artists behind ''Life of Pi'

Melena Ryzik is the lead writer of the Carpetbagger blog for the New York Times. In addition to being a general assignment culture reporter, covering film, music, theater, television, visual art, dance and the occasional Dumpster pool party or eco-art-barge, Ms. Ryzik enjoys riding her bicycle to black tie events.

In the following video, she pays a visit to Rhythm & Hues, the award-winning production studio that created the Oscar-nominated visual effects for Life of Pi.

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Unknown said...

How sad that after all that work, the creators went broke.

The movie is a complete change to the book. In the book there was an orang-utan on the boat and the whole situation was completely different. At the end there was a strong hint that the orang-utan was Pi's mother who was willing to give her life to save him from the tiger, an abusive sailor.