Saturday 20 October 2012

"The Art of Awkward Conversation"

No one does social embarrassment as well as the British. John Marwood Cleese did a wonderful riff on the subject in A Fish Called Wanda, way back in 1988, but that has absolutely nothing to do with why we're all here today. And, no, it's not the underpants-on-the-head scene, either.

Though, if you speak to someone who has been caught in this position, they will tell you that it becomes surprisingly easy to steer the conversation in any direction that appeals. In fact, A Fish Called Wanda could have been called The Art of Awkward Conversation. But it wasn't. Possibly because of all the gelatine fish Kevin Kline consumed on his way to an Academy Award.

No, this version of The Art of Awkward Conversation is a web series, made by Tom Melia. It focuses on common situations, starting with Episode One, which takes place in a restaurant. 

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Ed Love said...

Just didn't do it for me. Not remotely entertaining.

Kathy said...

These actors are brilliant, the writing superb. They seem to get to the heart of the topic.

Anonymous said...

This little clip made me laugh! I quite enjoyed it, especially as you could tell he was going to spit the dummie!!!