Sunday 7 October 2012

Steven Spielberg - advice

Here's an interesting talk by Steven Spielberg

He tells his own story from age six, when he was living in New Jersey. It's about circuses and train wrecks and the limits of parental tolerance.

And how these things led to certain choices, and fed an appetite for collective feedback and affirmation.

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Kathy said...

This speech from Steven Spielberg explains his fantastic career to some extent. That seeking of affirmation from an audience is not just from one audience, it is from every audience. Steven Spielberg has made war movies, horror movies, adventure films, fantasy, drama, Americana. He seems to want to create the best movie in every movie genre that exists, from black and white to 3D to cartoons. I still remember watching spellbound as the opening sequence to The Land Before Time unfolded. Steven Spielberg sets the bar.