Friday 10 August 2012

"In The Circle New York"

In The Circle New York is a web-based reality TV show, created and directed by Joseph Matthew Garrett

Joseph started his career as a screenwriter. After struggling to get agents to appreciate his work, the East Orange, New Jersey native decided to take things into his own hands. He developed a project that would resonate with people like himself, people who plan on making dreams a reality. From there, In The Circle was born. 

In The Circle won awards at the LA Web Fest for editing, directing, producing, and theme song.
People move to New York to make their dreams a reality. We found some interesting artists right here in the heart of The Big Apple. Here you have eight young men and women, students and enforcers of their crafts, brought together to see if they would be able to build their own network amongst each other... and more importantly... to support each other's passions. Take a ride into the hearts and minds of The Dreamers. Introducing: Katie, Ian, Lindsay, Mush, Francine, John, Solo, and Lisa.
Here's Episode Two: Laugh Now, Cry Later -- Solo's listening party continues and the circle is still getting to know each other. Lisa, however, is becoming a bit much for some.

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