Saturday 18 August 2012

Citizen Kane

At the start of August, The British Film Institute (BFI) released the results of its The Greatest Films of All Time 2012 survey in Sight & Sound magazine.

Once every ten years, the BFI asks film critics and filmmakers—taking into account artistic merit and historical influence—to submit their choices for the ten greatest movies of all time, with Sight & Sound publishing shortlists of both Critics and Directors opinions. The poll is considered one of the most influential and respected movie lists there is.

For my part, I don't believe there is any such thing as the "greatest" movie of all time. There are a number of excellent films which every film buff should see. Beyond that, you can argue over relative rankings all you want, but I think you're wasting your time. The value of the lists is that they help keep alive the memory of great films which have gone before.

The most common response to the 2012 poll results was shock that Citizen Kane had been toppled from the #1 perch for the first time since the list began in 1952. That brought to mind the many complaints I've heard over the years from younger people after seeing Citizen Kane for the first time: It's slow, It's dull, It's boring, What was great about that?

Rather than bore you with my opinions, here are a few short video clips which might give you a starting point for deciding the question for yourself.

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Kathy said...

How inspiring to see legendary directors lauding another director. The ones most willing to learn learn the most.