Saturday 16 June 2012

"Henri, Le Chat Noir"

Time to brush up on your French. 

Henri, the black cat.

Yep. Very good, except it misses the existentialist tenor of the piece.

Now for the short film, by Will Braden of Seattle. Tu
rn the sound up a bit...

Oh, wait. There's a second Episode?

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Anonymous said...

I don't like cats as a rule, but I
have to say Henri has 'attitude!'
Very clever!

Kathy said...

"I am surrounded by idiots." What wonderful films. Somebody is a Francophobe! I am sending them to my friends, thanks, Henry.

phetheringtonnz said...

Ah, Henri. Il est beau.

If you like other short films where a pet is the protagonist, I would recommend 'This Film Is A Dog' (1996), available on the NZ On Screen website: