Tuesday 12 June 2012

"East WillyB"

East WillyB is a webseries set in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Bushwick is east of Williamsburg (hence East WillyB). The population there has, at various points in its history, been Dutch, German, and Italian. Today it is heavily Hispanic.

The webseries was created by Julia Grob and Yamin Segal, and produced by Michael Shawn Cordero.
Rent's going up, hipsters moving in, but where there's a Willy, there's a way! For years "Willy Jr.'s Sports Bar" has been the hot spot on Broadway where you could grab a drink, catch the latest gossip, and bitch about the Mets, but now Willy Jr. may be forced to close. Along with his friends, Willy Jr. designs a plan to keep "Willy Jr.'s" away from his scheming Ex, bring the barrio back in, and restore the bar to its former glory.
Here's Pilot Season Episode 1.

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Meanwhile, in real life, there's a battle going on in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a battle between the old barrio families and the Manhattan-focused forces of gentrification. Take a look at this:


Kathy said...

This webseries has a real spark - those actresses are brave!

julia said...

Thank you so much for covering our series. How did you learn about it?