Wednesday 18 April 2012

"Street Art" - PBS - Off Book

PBS, for those who don't know, is the Public Broadcasting Service, a non-profit American television network. They broadcast a range of programs, most noticably for Australians, the PBS NewsHour, which is home to people like Jim Lehrer, David Brooks and Mark Shields.

They also have their own YouTube channel, with almost 5,000 videos uploaded. Part of that is a sub-channel called "Off Book", a web-exclusive series that explores cutting edge art, focused on a new generation of artists.  

No, it's an optical illusion, done in chalk. Street art, at it's most challenging...
This video is called Street Art. It's different, but I like it.
The street is a space where art thrives, and a place where artists can shape the public aesthetic. Olek, a sculptor whose medium is crochet, and Swoon, a mixed media artist, disrupt daily life with work that creates wonder, emotion, and humor. Equally at home in museums and galleries, both artists also create installations that challenge the formats of traditional art spaces. With powerful layers of meaning, beautiful aesthetics, and using unique media, these two prolific creators are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.


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