Saturday 16 November 2013

"The Flying Lesson"

The Flying Lesson is a short film involving air-to-air stunt sequences with a vintage WWII Tiger Moth bi-plane.
After the recent death of her grandfather, Phoebe Sanderson (Jessica Blake) takes a flying lesson in the exact plane her grandfather flew in WWII, a recently restored Tiger Moth. With a sense of trepidation, she takes flight with a promise to keep. Only a chauvinistic flying instructor (Richard J. Fletcher), with a secret, stands in her way...
The film was shot over five days, mainly on a Canon C300 with some aerial unit footage shot on the Red or a 5D Mark II. It was written by Ian Bishop and Phil Hawkins,and directed by Phil Hawkins.

The film was edited by Alex Macleod. The original score was composed by Richard Bodgers.

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Ed Love said...

That was beautiful.

Unknown said...

Yes, beautiful movie. Thanks Henry.