Sunday 24 November 2013

The Evolution of Movie Sound

Francis Ford Coppola has been at the forefront of the technological advances of filmmaking. As early as the Apocalypse Now movie in 1979 when Francis Ford Coppola and sound designer Walter Murch pioneered a quadraphonic sound system for the film tour, Coppola has made sound and audio technology an important part of filmmaking, including building a dedicated mixing facility, American Zoetrope

In 2010, under the direction of Coppola, Zoetrope was turned into one of the first post-production facilities to install a Meyer Sound EXP cinema loudspeaker system on its rerecording stage and has since upgraded the other rooms to EXP. Tetro (2009) and Twixt (2011) are two of his movies that were mixed on an EXP system.

In this video, Coppola chats about the evolving role of sound in his storytelling and his sound facility in Napa.

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Unknown said...

I think sound is one of the great failures of modern cinemas. I get so irritated watching a fantastically clear image and then hear a foley artist mistime a footstep and make a door shut loudly, or clothes rustle falsely. Many times one expects to hear light footsteps and there are none. It can ruin all but the best written movies.