Sunday 20 January 2013

Tina Fey on Twitter

You know her as Tina Fey, or Ms. Norbury, or Liz Lemon, but she grew up as Elizabeth Stamatina Fey in Pennsylvania, though she went by the name of Tina. Ms. Fey considered herself a "supernerd" during her high school and college years. She studied drama at the University of Virginia, and after graduating in 1992, she headed to Chicago, the ancestral home of American comedy. While working at a YMCA to support herself, she started Second City's first set of courses. After about nine months, a teacher told her to just skip ahead and audition for the more selective Second City Training Center. She failed but about eight weeks later, she re-auditioned and got into the year-long program. She spent many years at The Second City in Chicago, then in 1995, Saturday Night Live came calling, and a whole new career opened up.

Now here she is, giving us all her opinion of Twitter. Yeah, Twitter, the
chat-in-140-characters thing; you know, you've heard of it.

Tina Fey gives her brutally honest take on Twitter. Make sure to follow @RevGimp and @MSturkeytips!

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