Wednesday 9 January 2013

"Finding Susan Glenn"

Finding Susan Glenn is another broken-love-life webseries, but with a difference.

Men's personal care brand Axe has launched the six-episode web series with Emmy nominee Max Greenfield (who plays the character Schmidt on the hit TV show New Girl). The series is focused on a “universal” high school archetype, which Axe has named ‘Susan Glenn.’ She represents that one special girl a guy isn’t brave enough to speak with or approach in school.

Greenfield wrote, directed, and stars in the series, which follows his character as he develops the courage to interact with his "Susan Glenn."

According to Axe’s senior director of brand development, “Giving guys courage to reach out to their own ‘Susan Glenn’ is exactly what we strive to accomplish with this campaign, which remains true to the brand’s essence.” Yeah, right. I kept thinking of Mad Men as I watched it.

The ‘Finding Susan Glenn’ campaign also includes an interactive element. Fans can visit the campaign’s dedicated site and submit photos and share stories about their own dream girls

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Unknown said...

Funny! I didn't know he was a writer. I like it.