Tuesday 21 August 2012

Indie film distribution

This blog emerged (partly) from the realisation that the old dream of writing a screenplay and selling it to Hollywood for a million dollars simply wasn't going to happen for me. And probably not for anyone I knew. The world had changed. I had to find another way to see my stories make it onto the big screen.

Jason Brubaker is a filmmaker who had the parallel experience of realising that he could make an independent film and distribute it himself, without any input from Hollywood. The world had, indeed, changed.

Jason put his ideas to the test and found they worked. He collaborated with ten other filmmakers to write the book The Modern MovieMaking Movement. Then they gave the book away for free. (Click on the title to download your .PDF copy.) Even if you plan to restrict yourself to screenwriting, you need to know the stuff in that book. Because the world has changed.

Then Jason set up the website, Filmmaking Stuff, and wrote another book called Filmmaking Stuff - How To Make, Market and Sell Your Movie Without The Middleman. That one will cost you US$9.99. I haven't read it yet. 

One result of all this is that he gets invited to speak at film festivals. The clip below is of an interview at the First Glance Film Festival 2012. Watch Jason tell his own story.

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