Saturday 23 August 2014

Joss Whedon talks about screenwriting

Here's a three-part interview with Joss Whedon, recorded by BAFTA.

Part 1:
The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer explains how writing became his "favourite thing ever." He was working in a video store, finished up on a Friday and started the following Monday as a staff writer.

Part 2:
How did Joss Whedon bring together all the Marvel superheroes? And why does he come up with his funniest lines at funerals? Find out in our second Whedon interview!

Part 3:
In our final part, Whedon talks about the challenges of directing, how he "treats film like the military" and his advice to new filmmakers. 


Unknown said...

Everything Joss Whedon says is worth listening to, he is passionate and honest about his craft. I was surprised by how frequently he referred to his upbringing and credited it for aspects of his success.

Joss grew up surrounded by teachers and writers but it took relentless work to discover the structures he was creating.

Joss says he is cynical and depressed and only someone truly romantic can be disappointed enough to be a cynic.

Joss grew up with the house style of Marvel Comics. You have to know it, but you have to make it personal.

Joss was raised by a pack of wild comedy writers. At home, he just wanted to be on their level.

To Joss, the essence of humour is unexpected, believable character moments.

The third excerpt of the interview is more about Joss as a director. He says a lot of writers become directors to protect their material.

Lastly, I was interested to hear Joss say what David S Goyer said in the interview posted last week" television is now the place where creators have power.

An excellent interview. Thanks, Henry.

Anne Flournoy said...

This looks great. Can't wait to watch it. Love your choices! Thank you Henry!