Thursday 27 February 2014

Script Analysis - 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

I came across an interesting post on the blog Searching for Charlie Kaufman. The subject matter was Inside Llewyn Davis, and part of it said:
Looking back on my original reading from over a year ago, it was clearly in the four parts of this structure question that I felt the script let me down. Inside Llewyn Davis has EXACTLY five reveals. In order of importance [not chronology] they are:

Llewyn is a father
Llewyn’s partner threw himself off the George Washington Bridge
Jean’s baby could be anybody’s
The script ends where it begins
Llewyn Saves the [Wrong] Cat

[I word it this way to draw attention to what they were doing. If you don't think this cat stuff was done on PURPOSE to have a little fun at Mr. Snyder's expense... you are mistaken.]

Joel Barish (@johlbearish) has a number of interesting things to say about the brothers C. Read his whole post here.

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Unknown said...

Joel Barish is inspirational, the way he ruthlessly analyses a script written by an iconic partnership like the Coen Brothers, and so clearly explains what does and doesn't work.