Wednesday 28 August 2013

The Origins of Screenplay Formatting

Part of the journey to becoming a full-time screenwriter is the process of learning how to format a screenplay. These rules aren't the arbitrary nuisances some people think. They exist for a reason.

In this short video, John Hess of Filmmaker IQ tells us how the present situation arose.

Trace the roots of how the screenplay evolved from the earliest moving pictures, through the golden age of Hollywood and into the post-studio era.

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Ed Love said...

Another great video, thanks.

Unknown said...

Very clear. Interesting how in this day and age, new writers still have to be advised how to set out scripts. I would have thought any serious writer would have taken this in by osmosis.

I misheard the bit about film studios growing by murders and acquisitions.

I was also amused by the acronym for Package Unit System of production which may be an apt description of its quality.