Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Ripple Effect

Daria Musk is a Connecticut-based singer and recording artist who started writing songs at age 14. In the summer of 2011, the morning after playing a crummy bar gig on a rain-soaked night in upstate New York, Daria accepted an invitation to join Google+ and decided to perform live from her home via Google+’s video chat feature, Hangouts. Within weeks she and her lyrical, world-inspired pop songs became a global sensation; today she has over 2 million fans worldwide on Google+ alone.

In response to the immense popularity of her live concerts, engineers at Google+ began changing their user tech, and introduced live streams that could be viewed by unlimited numbers of users, and, just this past August, added studio-quality audio.

Daria’s breakthrough concerts have lasted up to eight hours, with audiences of hundreds of thousands watching and interacting online, in real time. Today Daria performs in cities around the world, creating interactive live shows where fans from watching around the world can also star on-screen, engage with Daria and her in-person audience, while broadcasting live via Google+ and Youtube.

Daria has been featured in Billboard and Rolling Stone magazines and on Mashable, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America. She gave her first TED Talk in 2012 and has performed and spoken at SXSW, BMI, MIDEM, and the Grammys.

Here is a short film in which she tells her story. (And sings.)

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Unknown said...

Now there is a performer who loves interacting with her audience and whose audience loves her. Good on her.