Sunday 16 September 2012

The Secret Train in Bloomingdale's

One of my guilty pleasures is trawling through the Scouting New York blog. It is the work of a professional movie location scout in New York and some of the best posts are photo comparisons of today versus the shot in a given movie, my favourite being Annie Hall.

Apropos of nothing, except my fondness for NYC and railway adventures, comes this link to the post The Secret Train in Bloomingdale's. The "train" is a restaurant, the design of which is (loosely) based on the legendary Blue Train (Le Train Bleu) which ran between Calais and the French Riviera from 1886 to 2007. Agatha Christie murdered someone there in The Mystery of the Blue Train in 1928.

There is a remarkably ornate restaurant in the Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris called Le Train Bleu, which was named after the famous train. There are "Blue Trains" in South Africa and Japan. There's even a Blue Train Cafe in Melbourne. 

For a leisurely look at the Secret Train, click here now.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! I wouldn't mind eating there!
What a great looking restaurant, I wonder what the menu is like & what the prices are. Thanks Henry.

Kathy said...

This is the sort of fascinating information you constantly intrigue your followers with, Henry.