Tuesday 25 October 2011

Dario Russo, "Italian Spiderman" and "Danger 5"

One of the earliest Australian webseries was Italian Spiderman. Conceived by Dario Russo as a parody of Italian action films of the 1970s, he made the first episode here in Adelaide and uploaded it to YouTube in late 2007.

Russo secured funding for ten more shorts, which reached 3.5 million views for the trailer, and up to one million for each of the episodes. Then, due to issues within the production team, the project fell over.

Dario, and his writing partner David Ashby, moved on to making Danger 5, a comedy set in an alternate world in which World War II is taking place in the 60s, and a group of international spies is on a mission to kill Hitler. There are hopes this series will be broadcast on national television.

Here's the trailer for Italian Spiderman.

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And when you've done with that, here's the trailer for Danger 5.

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For more information about the eventual release of Danger 5, see here.

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