Friday 19 September 2014

High Five New York

It's Friday (at least in Australia). We need something light. 

What do you do if you want a cab in New York? Stand on the side of the road with your hand up, like a dork. Here's one high-spirited soul who saw an opportunity to turn that basic pose into something humorous.

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Unknown said...

Ultimately this is a 'candid camera' movie where unsuspecting people are surprised and their reactions recorded. The filmmaker obviously considers himself to be making a friendly, funny gesture. He is going around hitting unsuspecting people who have made themselves vulnerable by requesting or demanding the help of a servant (a taxi driver). It would be interesting to know whether anyone tried to punch him back. Also New York is a highly sophisticated society where even a slight sign of social disapproval carries enormous weight. I wonder whether people in other places might react more violently.

An excellent movie because it highlighted and ambushed people making an accepted signal in our society and we watch their reactions closely.