Tuesday 14 January 2014

Australian accents explained

This will help some people and confuse others. It's all about achieving balance in your work...

Simon Taylor is a Melbourne and L.A.-based comedian who currently writes for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Simon has toured the world with his stand-up, in places as diverse as New York to Albuquerque in the US, and Singapore to Phnom Penh in South Asia. Time Out describes him as “a shooting star of the comedy scene”, The Age depicts his comedy as “intelligent stuff from a rising talent” and he is a recipient of The Butterfly Club’s prestigious Under Our Wing Award.

If that didn't interest you, here's a Ted Talk with Simon Taylor that might.
What's real? What's not? Why are humans so susceptible to misdirection? What drives us to know what's "inside the frog"? Simon Taylor lets us in on a few of the reasons we believe what we do and might just reveal the secrets of the illusionist's craft in this fascinating and funny talk.
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Unknown said...

What an amazing trick. I don't understand it. I would have drawn a flower and ruined his trick. I think.