Friday 25 October 2013

"Versus Valerie"

Versus Valerie is a web series which follows Valerie Lapomme, YouTube's Sexy Nerd Girl, as she navigates her chaotic life, sliding between reality and her video-game and genre-bending imagination.

The show was created by Simon Fraser, Stephanie Kaliner, and Mike Fleischhaker, and stars Hannah Spear and Adam Christie.

Here is episode one, Sexy Nerd Girl Versus Valerie.

Val is late for her regular Comic Book Wednesday brunch with Guy. To make it up to him, she offers to pay for his weekly pull list. But the dude from the night before might complicate matters.
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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Funny and clever and for once I think the actors are great. I see the writers are not acting, seems like a wise move. Keep up the good writing!