Tuesday 6 March 2012

"My Single Dad Diary," and How to make pizza

John Lanzafame
Here's a webseries which is not based on fiction, nor aimed at entertaining you. 

In 2007, Richard “RJ” Jaramillo was a single dad, facing the daily challenges of raising three children on his own. There were so few resources available to help him that he set up SingleDad.com, an online community, to help himself and other single dads. He offers advice, dating tips and Single Dad cooking ideas.

In this episode, he addresses the unreal expectations that can hinder single dads attempting to restart their lives.

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I watched one of RJ's cooking shows, How to make Pizza. I'm sorry, but as a bloke who makes pizza (from scratch) frequently, I have to quibble. His approach has so much stuff out of packets, he might as well buy a frozen pizza. Learn how to make pizza base at home. It will change your life. Don't listen to me, listen to an expert. Here Sydney-based World Champion pizza maker, John Lanzafame, shows you how.

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1 comment:

Kathy said...

“RJ” Jaramillo is an absolutely charming person. He could have said, "Hey, listen up you single dads out there, you are lucky to have a woman trust you with her time and affection, don't be arrogant, don't dump her because she's not perfect because, hey, you have issues, YOU are not perfect." But no, he dresses up his advice as a story about a fictitious client, engagingly told. Very non-Australian, I have to say.