Friday 9 September 2011

Scouting Locations

For years I've written Adelaide locations into screenplays I've worked on. You know the ones: a favourite perspective on the city, maybe a sweeping panorama or an Art Deco facade somewhere or a gritty Chandleresque alley shot. 

I spent much of yesterday wandering around town with my trusty digital camera, snapping stills of locations I'd held in my imagination for years as great places from which to capture an atmospheric glimpse of cosmopolitan Adelaide.  And, guess what.   I failed to make it home with a single shot that did justice to my imagination. (Maybe I should stick to novels. It always looks the way you say it is in novels.)

On the bright side, I did capture that shot of Miriam's new home (below).

Nonetheless, it was a great exercise. My writing will be far less detailed in terms of locations in future.  And my respect for Location Scouts just went up a big notch. How come those guys don't qualify for an A.F.I. Award?  (They're now called the AACTA Awards. Sorry.)


Michael Zeitz said...

Yes, a great location makes a massive difference. I spent many hours over a month or so looking for the right locations for a short I made a few years ago, "Killjoy". As director I did my own location scouting and changed the location for the main outdoor scene 3 times which drove my producer mad. It was worth it.

Henry Sheppard said...

You can see "Killjoy" online, here: